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Getting Started at a Solo Event

So, you've just been invited to autocross with some friends of yours, or you're just planning to go to get some all-important "get to know you time" in your car.

Do you know what to do when you get there - or how should you act?

Here are some quick tips.

Houston SCCA Solo Novice Class Rules

The Novice Class is intended for beginner and novice autocrossers with less than a year’s experience.
You have advanced beyond the Houston Region Novice Class and are NOT eligible for this class if you have:

*Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Rookie Chief and/or an instructor.

Class Rules:

What a Novice should expect to gain from this class:

The Novice Class was created to help people new to autocross have fun and learn from the very first event.  This is a new sport for you, and we want to ensure that you are comfortable at all times.  This class will help you to learn from an instructor, to show you some of the basic skills to get you started, and help you get all of your questions answered.

The Novice Class is designed to let all newcomers compete against each other, regardless of their car or preparation level. The PAX index is used to handicap the different classes and categories.  Novice class drivers compete only against each other, scored by PAX indexing. Trophies are awarded for the Novice Class by the same system used for the open classes. 

Most importantly, remember this is a Novice Program, a whole package for instruction and fun. It includes instructors, a guided course-walk, and rides with experienced drivers. We want to answer all of your questions and help you have fun.